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Sally McBride endorses Laura Sturgeon

Sally McBride has become a dear mentor and friend since we launched our campaign, and I am positively thrilled and honored to have her endorsement. Sally McBride is a parent-advocate for LGBTQ rights and co-founder of Cab Calloway School of the Arts. Her dedication to education, the arts, and human rights has made her a […]

Patricia Blevins Endorses Laura Sturgeon

I am honored to have the endorsement of Senator Patricia Blevins whose nearly three decades of service to Delawareans as State Senator from the 7th District made her a beloved figure to her constituents and party. Senator Blevins served in many leadership roles during her long tenure in state government, and is a role model […]

Our biggest success so far!

This past week we held our biggest and most successful event yet! It was incredible to be surrounded by so many friends and supporters of this campaign. Thank you to my wonderful hosts Mark Purpura and John Lucas, thank you to everyone who attended, and thank you to everyone who has donated, volunteered, and offered words of […]

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1 hour ago
Newark Post

Good coverage of today's march and rally from the Newark Post!

“Washington and Dover, you are on notice,” Democratic state senate candidate Laura Sturgeon said, drawing cheers from the crowd. ... See more

While last year’s Women's March was about expressing concern over the direction President Trump was taking the country, this year’s was about channeling that anger into action – particularly at ... See more

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