Who I Am

Who I Am


I grew up in North Wilmington, graduated from Brandywine High School in 1983, attended University of Delaware for both my BA and MA, and became a Delaware public high school teacher in 1994. I have been teaching English Literature andSpanish in Delaware public schools for the past 23 years. After spending my first 17 years teaching in the NCC Vo-Tech School District, I came home to the Brandywine School District, teaching at Concord for thepast 6 years. As a first generation daughter of Argentine immigrants, I am a fluent Spanish-speaker.

My interest in politics started as an undergraduate student during the Reagan era when I could be found on UD campus organizing marches against apartheid and calling for US divestment from companies doing business in South Africa, meeting with Students Against US involvement in Nicaragua, and hosting multi-cultural events at the International House where people of all different cultures came together to sample each other’s cuisine and discuss their shared hopes and dreams for peace.

Since becoming a teacher, I've woven my interest in politics, history, and current events into my lessons. When covering the literature and film arising from different cultures and historical periods, I share with my students how these art forms have been influenced by the social and political concerns of the times.

Working in the trenches as a teacher has brought me into contact with students and families of all ethnic, religious, racial, and socioeconomic backgrounds as well as learning abilities, physical limitations, and psychological conditions. While I was hired to teach my students English and Spanish content, I spend as much time tending to the socio-emotional needs of my students as I do planning, evaluating, and revising my lessons and providing feedback on student work. I advocate for my students and their families when they need more support from the school system than they know how to find, helping them navigate what can at times be a daunting bureaucracy. I see working as an elected official in the state legislature as a very similar kind of calling--serving my constituent as their representative will allow me to be their voice in Dover in much the same way as I am the voice of my students’ interests at school.

As a legislator, sponsoring, debating, and voting on bills will be similar to what I do now on the Brandywine Education Association Executive Committee and on the DSEA Executive Board. We tackle the issues that come before us, form committees, hold debate, and pass actionable business items to promote a rigorous, safe, and engaging working and learning environment for our teachers and our students.

My values are in line with those of other progressive Democratic leaders, but I am above all a pragmatist. Being married to a staunch Republican has broadened my understanding and appreciation of heart-felt perspectives that differ from my own. I believe all Delawareans should feel at home in their State and District, liberal Delawareans and Conservative Delawareans. Hence, I would always work to find common ground with the legislators on the other side of the ideological divide.

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