Economic Growth

Economic Development

The Middle Class

All strong economies have a large, vibrant middle class. Unions help the middle class, progressive taxation helps the middle class, affordable health care helps the middle class, women's access to reproductive choices helps the middle class, and excellent public education helps the middle class. I do not support the failed trickle-down economic policies of the past, and will fight to make sure the working people of Delaware are not over-burdened by shouldering the bulk of the cost of state programs.


New Castle County has room to grow. We have more water front that can be developed, abandoned sites that can be de-contaminated and re-purposed, and transportation centers like the Claymont Train Station that can be improved and built upon. We can make Wilmington, Delaware a destination rather than a stop or a drive-through by balancing development with the preservation and restoration of our green spaces and natural habitats, so that our city and its surrounds offer the right mix of commerce and nature to visitors and inhabitants alike.

Small Businesses

To encourage entrepreneurs in Delaware we need to incentivize the banks and other investors to give them access to capital and streamline the process required to obtain a business license.