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I am running to be the Democratic candidate to take the Delaware State Senate seat currently held by Republican incumbent Greg Lavelle. The seat is winnable according to all our projections based on past voter turnout in off-year elections and the demographics of the district. I've assembled an excellent campaign team that is committed to this race. We have a strong plan in place that outlines the number of voter contacts we must make through door-knocking, the number of mailers to send, and the number of hours it will take to make those contacts, including how many volunteers we will need to make that achievable in a 52 week period. If we execute the plan, I have a good chance of prevailing, and we have no shortage of grass-roots volunteers who are willing to canvass. Because of the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election, along with the retention of a Republican Congress, progressive activist groups have sprung up all over Delaware to make sure their values are represented in the First State. I have been working closely with these groups to craft my platform and expect many of them to support me.

Here in Delaware we are fortunate to have a Democratic governor and secure control of the House, but the Senate is still just one seat away from hanging in the balance again. We avoided losing our Democratic majority with Stephanie Hansen's victory in the special election that arose from Bethany Hall-Long becoming our lieutenant governor. Had that not gone our way, the Senate would currently be held by the Republicans. Unfortunately, we have several older Democratic senators who may not run again in 2018, so their seats may be up for grabs, and of course even incumbents sometimes fail to win re-election. So maintaining a Democratic majority in the Senate could hinge on picking off seats currently held by Republicans.

There was a time when party did not matter much in local politics, but just as Washington has become more and more polarized, so has Delaware. There are a few centrist legislators that will work with their counterparts on the other side of the aisle but my opponent is not among them. He has one of the most conservative voting records in the State Legislature, voting against reproductive freedom, marriage equality, common-sense gun safety measures, workers' rights, and traditional public schools. He and his caucus blocked Governor Carney's choice of Shawn Garvin as DNREC director because they thought Garvin's ties to President Obama's EPA made him too strong a steward of our natural resources and not friendly enough toward business interests where they might conflict with environmental concerns. He supports legislation to bring the death penalty back into practice in Delaware and signed a letter in support of Donald Trump's disastrous choice for Secretary of Education. In sum, the incumbent is out of touch with the people of District 4 and after almost two decades in elected office, it is time for him to be replaced by a more moderate voice that better represents our interests.

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