Public Safety

Public Safety

I support common-sense gun safety measures and criminal justice reform. It seems not a week goes by that we don’t hear about another shooting in Wilmington or in other parts of the state. These are more than just numbers to me. The perpetrators and the victims are often my students and former students, young people with skills and talents that will never be fully realized now that they are gone forever or lost to the prison system. Not only do we need to adequately fund our criminal justice system so that tragedies like the one that cost us the life of Vaughn Correctional Center’s Sargent Floyd no longer occur, we need to decrease the number of people who are forced into prison when treatment programs would be more appropriate, and we need good transition programs to help people who have served their sentences re-enter the workforce. This will reduce the recidivism rate, help families remain intact, and keep people working and contributing to the economy, which will benefit the entire community. I plan to work closely with organizations like Delaware Coalition Against Gun Violence and Delaware Center for Justice that are already focusing their efforts on these areas. With their help we can raise awareness and build support for methods and programs such as restorative justice and trauma-informed practices that have proven effective in other cities that have been plagued with violence and crime.

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