The Hon. Karen Peterson endorses Laura Sturgeon

Karen Peterson has consistently been one of Delaware’s strongest and most effective advocates for equality. Throughout her years of service in the state senate she was beloved by her constituents for her tireless work making their community and our state a better place. She is a role model for all of us, and I am honored to have her endorsement.

There’s more to being a good legislator than getting potholes filled, returning phone calls, and answering e-mails.  Any legislator can do that.  More important are a legislator’s core values, because they affect the quality of life in Delaware for generations to come.

Now, more than ever, we need good, strong leaders who will push back against the outrageous attempts to reverse the progress we’ve made as a state and as a nation.  We cannot allow our elected officials to drag us back to the policies of oppression and exclusion.

 The 4th Senate District has an opportunity to elect a state senator who believes in moving Delaware forward – for all Delawareans.  It’s time for the 4th District to elect a senator who believes that all people are created equal.  That person is Laura Sturgeon and I am proud to support her for the 4th district senate seat.” The Hon. Karen Peterson