Sturgeon releases statement on FirstStateFirst PAC finance report

Laura Sturgeon, Democratic candidate for Delaware’s 4th Senate District, released the following statement on campaign finance reports submitted by FirstStateFirst – a PAC run by Sen. Greg Lavelle – that include money raised by Rep. Pat Meehan. Meehan announced his retirement following revelations that he used taxpayer money to pay a settlement in a sexual harassment suit filed by a former aide.


While I won’t comment on every donation to my opponent’s PAC, nobody should stay complicit when women are finally being heard. Generations of women have lived under an accepted reality of harassment and predation by men like Pat Meehan. That tide is finally turning, and it’s important for all of us – especially our leaders – to stand with victims of harassment, unconditionally. Sen. Lavelle may have kept Pat Meehan’s donation in error, but I sincerely hope that he’ll do the right thing and return this money – or, better yet, donate it to a group working to fight back against harassment and empower victims.