It’s official: Sturgeon files for Senate run.

WILMINGTON – Teacher, advocate, and Democrat Laura Sturgeon filed paperwork today to run for the State Senate, making her upstart campaign an official contender in the purple 4th District.

Sturgeon says she’s running to give the entire 4th District – which includes Pike Creek, Fairfax, Hockessin, and Greenville – a voice at the table.

“I’m excited to be on the ballot, but make no mistake: our team has been hard at work for almost a year,” said Sturgeon. “This campaign is strong because my team and I have been working tirelessly in neighborhoods across the district, knocking on doors and meeting with Democrats, Republicans, and independents – many of whom have never heard from their senator before – to share my message: it’s time for a change.”


Sturgeon, a first-generation American raised by two Argentine immigrants, was also joined by her parents.

“Our family story–two immigrants coming to America, raising a daughter, and watching her run for office to represent their new home–says a lot about our country and our community,” she said. “I grew up here. I know this district, and I know that it deserves leaders who show up, who make the effort to hear from all of us, and who represent our shared values in Dover. I’m ready to be that leader, and I’m grateful for the district’s support.”

Sturgeon’s campaign has been buoyed by tailwinds of strong grassroots support, underscored by a robust end-of-year campaign finance haul of $53,605, raised from more than 400 donors and zero PACs or corporations. More than one-third of the Sturgeon campaign’s money came from donations of $100 or less.

Her fundraising stood in stark contrast with her incumbent opponent, who public records show raised less than 40 percent of his campaign’s money from individuals in Delaware. In all, her opponent raised more than $10,000 from PACs and corporations, and has loaned himself $100,000 in this election cycle alone.


Sturgeon is a graduate of Brandywine High School and received bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Delaware. She has taught in Delaware public schools for 23 years, including Delcastle, Hodgson, and currently Concord High School. She and her husband, Bill, live in Woodbrook.